Bathroom Square Duct Ventilation Ceiling Exhaust Fan White


  • High air extraction up to 270m3/hr (Max Air Extraction)
  • Quick and easy fan installation
  • Energy efficient 30W ball bearing motor
  • High Efficiency and Low Noise
  • Moisture-proof and Dehumidification
  • Fully Enclosed Side Ducted Exhaust
  • To Create a Comfortable and Fresh Environment
  • Elegant? design
  • Rated voltage AC220-240V, 50Hz
  • Size: 270 * 270 mm
  • Cut Out Size: 240 mm
  • Ideal for bathrooms, toilet or? kitchens.
  • Side ducted with draft stopper
  • Power cord included
  • Turbo Fan Blade
  • Longlife ball bearing motor

SAFETY WARNING: ALL power outlets or electrical wiring must be installed by a licensed and qualified electrician.


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